If you want to make the podium, you have to take risks. EF Pro Cycling has embodied this ethos with bold, inspiring performances, both on and off the road. That's why Wahoo is a proud partner to two of the most exciting teams in the pro peloton: EF Education–EasyPost and their sister squad, women's World Tour team EF Education–Tibco–SVB.

As the official hardware and training software supplier for both teams, Wahoo provides them the tools they need to continue to energize the sport and challenge the status quo. From the KICKR series of smart trainers to the ELEMNT family of GPS-enabled cycling computers and the comprehensive SYSTM training app, Wahoo is cementing our support for women's cycling and the most inspiring teams in the pro peloton.

The Most Connected Training Ecosystem

"Speedplay is a unique pedal unlike any other road pedal. With many unique features, its low stack height, aerodynamic design, and low weight being some but not all the features where it wins out over a traditional road pedal. Especially the low weight is something that I really appreciate when racing where every gram counts." - Magnus Cort


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Introducing Wahoo X. One subscription. Endless ways to ride, train, race, and connect with fellow Wahooligans. Whether you train to stay out front or stay in shape, Wahoo X makes it simple to access two completely unique indoor cycling apps through one account. No matter how you choose to ride or train, it all starts with one subscription to Wahoo X.


Put yourself in the middle of the action with immersive, integrated workouts designed by world-class coaches that help you achieve results faster.


The next generation of virtual cycling. Connect with cyclists around the globe to ride, race, and explore the realistic world of Wahoo RGT.

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